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Secure and robust, DataTrack's Fuelsafe has the capability to control up to 4 pumps simultaneously, enabling vehicle mileage to be entered and recorded at the point of fuelling. The Fuelsafe integrates seamlessly with Supervisor to provide comprehensive reports on the user's PC, allowing Transport Managers to benefit from both maximum fuel security and the data needed to enhance the performance of the fleet. 

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Feature Highlights:

  • Integrate into any pump with pulse output
  • Works with up to 4 pumps simultaneously
  • Virtually unlimited number of vehicles / drivers
  • Odometer entry enables MPG calculation and driver name to appear automatically in fuel reports
  • Secure fuel available 24 hrs/day
  • Tank stock levels and analysis 
  • Keys can be programmed to suit individual refuelling requirements
  • Lost or stolen keys can be locked out
  • Supervisor software provides the user with management and audit reports
  • MPG can be calculated, together with fuel drawn away from the depot
  • Fuel drawn “on the road” can be uploaded on to the program to enable complete analysis
  • Time lock out facility
  • Illuminated display and LED frontlit for 24/7 use

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  • Vehicle / Driver Identification +

    Access to fuel is by a DataTrack Electronic Touch Key, used for their reliability and the convenience of being carried on the vehicle key ring. Vehicle mileage and driver identity (PIN) are entered at the time of fuelling using the keypad. Each issue of fuel is controlled and recorded, providing essential data on the user's PC, to help improve the performance of both vehicles and drivers.
  • Data Transfer +

    The Fuelsafe can be connected to the PC via a data line cable, GSM modem, or LAN. Alternatively, information can be transferred to the software via memory stick download.
  • Number of Users +

    Virtually unlimited number of vehicles / drivers.
  • Software +

    Supervisor enables the user to gain an accurate overview of their entire refuelling operations, including the ability to view tank stock levels, prohibit/allow keys, and generate fuel reports, such as MPG and total quantity of fuel drawn away from the depot. Reports are easily produced using the Supervisor software, or Supervisor Advanced, for more comprehensive fuel management reporting.
  • Mounting Options +

    The system can be mounted onto a pump, wall, pedestal or integrated into a pump.
  • Warranty +

    12-month warranty (if we install the unit an on-site warranty is provided)
  • Dimensions +

    8kg. 300 x 280 x 400 (mm)
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