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Designed specifically for smaller fleet operators, the Electronic Padlock is a secure, simple-to-use entry level system for a single fuel pump. This cost efficient fuel management system integrates into any pump with a pulse output for quick and easy operation.

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Feature Highlights:

  • Cost efficient entry level fuel management system
  • Up to 50 vehicles / drivers
  • Integrates into any pump with a pulse output
  • Secure fuel available 24 hrs/day
  • Tank stock levels with analysis and audit trail
  • Keys can be programmed for maximum fuel quantities
  • View fuel management reports via Supervisor
  • Odometer readings can be entered directly onto the PC
  • MPG can be calculated, together with fuel drawn away from the depot

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  • Vehicle / Driver Identification +

    Vehicles are identified using a touch key. Key's can be programmed for maximum fuel quantities, and lost or stolen fuel keys can be prohibited for maximum security of fuel 24 hours a day.
  • Data Transfer +

    Fuelling data is stored on the Electronic Padlock and collected by a data transfer key, then downloaded to the user's PC via a PC key reader, data line or GSM link.
  • Number of Users +

    Up to 50 vehicles / drivers
  • Software +

    Supervisor enables the user to gain an accurate overview of their entire refuelling operations, including the ability to view tank stock levels, prohibit/allow keys, and generate fuel reports, such as total quantity of fuel drawn away from the depot. Reports are easily produced using the Supervisor software, or Supervisor Advanced, for more comprehensive fuel management reporting. MPG reports can also be created through manual input.
  • Warranty +

    12-month warranty (if we install the unit an on-site warranty is provided)
  • Dimensions +

    2kg. 200 x 200 x 200 (mm)
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