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Developed in close collaboration with operators within the transportation industry, Supervisor enables the user to view a choice of fuel reports featuring cost, MPG and audit data for every vehicle in the fleet.


  • Supervisor
  • Free with all DataTrack hardware
  • Single site, single user access
  • Reports feature cost and audit data
  • Allows/prohibits fuel keys
  • Controls fuel ordering and tank levels
  • Exports fuel data into other programs
  • Works with multiple Padlocks and Fuelsafes
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  • Supervisor Advanced
  • Low cost upgrade from Supervisor
  • Multi-site, multi-user access
  • Advanced reports available, featuring individual vehicles, depots and fuel types
  • Integral display of actual tank levels generated by electronic tank level gauge/s
  • Calculates MPGs, and controls fuel ordering and tank stock levels
  • Works with multiple Padlocks and Fuelsafes
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  • How does it work? +

    Supervisor processes the fuelling data downloaded from the fuel controller to provide accurate reports for all vehicles in a fleet. This information is transferred via a data line, telecom line, GSM link or data transfer key, and enables the user to collect fuel data as often as required.
  • Account for every drop of fuel +

    Supervisor will account for all fuel dispensed from the pump/s, and maintains a permanent record of current and previous fuel tank levels. For audit purposes, users can print a history of all the activities associated with managing fuel tanks.
  • Reports +

    Supervisor will provide the user with a choice of fuel reports featuring cost, MPG and audit data for individual and groups of vehicles for any period required. Printing of group reports can be of particular value where fuel is charged to cost centres, or to compare the MPG performance of similar vehicles.
  • Exports +

    If you use Fuel Agency cards, we can supply an extra Supervisor module so this data can be automatically added to fuel reports. Your fuel Agency will send you a weekly or monthly file for this purpose.
  • Installation and training +

    Supervisor is easy to load and configure. Training is straight forward and is usually provided at the time of commissioning. An operation manual is also included to ensure that you get the best possible results from your Supervisor program.
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